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The Wye Catchment Conservators
- what are we?

WCC is the association which represents the views and aspirations of the Riparian Owners of the Wye and its
tributaries. It follows a continuum of associations stretching back to the mid-19th century that have fought to protect
the future of the Wye and its fisheries. WCC has expanded its remit from the previous Wye Salmon Fishery Owners’
Association (WSFOA), which was concerned solely with the salmon, to protecting all fish and the river’s ecology, reflecting
the needs of modern river management.

Our Objectives

1. To safeguard the interests of the Wye Fishery Owners in all matters affecting their fishing rights.

2. To promote the well being of fishing on the Wye.

These objects have ensured that the views of the river owners are represented at all levels. This has taken WCC into all realms of fishery management and was initially responsible for the formation of a trust - The Wye Foundation (later the Wye and Usk) to carry out this role.

WCC works very closely with the Wye and Usk Foundation to secure this end and is represented on many committees such as the Environment Agency's Regional Fisheries, Conservation Recreation and Navigation and the Wye and Usk Foundation's board of trustees. WCC is a very significant fund raiser for Wye river conservation.


To anyone who has an interest in the river Wye, we hope you find the site of interest.

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