The Wye upstream of Builth Wells a fast, bedrock dominated river interspersed with sections of shale and gravel. This dramatic part of the Wye offers excellent fly fishing for salmon in higher water conditions, along with the main stem's best trout and grayling fishing. Rated as one of Wales's premier grayling waters where they are renowned for both their size and numbers . There are also some coarse fishing opportunities, especially for chub, pike and dace. Wading can be difficult in places, although some beats are easier than others.

The upper Wye's tributaries also offer a variety of small stream trout fishing. The steep sided valleys of the rocky, high gradient streams such as the Edw and Clettwr can be a challenge but they are great places to lose yourself for a day. Meanwhile, the more leisurely paced upper main stem and tributaries like the Llynfi and Llynfi Dulas are easier to access

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(Maps supplied with the kind permission of John Symonds)

Llanwrthwl Bridge to Builth Wells Bridge

Builth Wells Bridge to Llanstephan Bridge

Llanstephan Bridge to Hay Bridge

The Middle Wye is that part of the river from Hay-on-Wye downstream to Ross-on-Wye. Here the river takes on a leisurely, meandering character, with a more uniform width and depth. This part of the Wye is probably the river's best coarse fishing (although there are some very productive lower river beats too) and most of the fisheries offer all the main target species for coarse anglers, namely barbel, chub and pike. Dace, perch and roach can also be found in the middle river too.


Some middle Wye fisheries (usually those just below Hay) also offer some good trout and grayling fishing too with the additional benefit of the riverbed being much easier to wade than the bedrock sections upstream.


Salmon fishing is also available in the middle Wye although the slower nature of the river here lends itself more to spinning. Most of the beats do, however, offer sections of good fly water.

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(Maps supplied with the kind permission of John Symonds)

Hay Bridge to Bredwardine Bridge

Bredwardine Bridge to Hereford Bridge

Hereford Bridge to Caradoc

Downstream of Ross the Wye passes through some famous areas and landmarks such as Kerne Bridge, Symonds Yat and the town of Monmouth. Below Monmouth the river becomes the border between England and Wales, quickening as it begins its final push to the estuary.

Here are some of the Wye’s premier salmon fisheries which tend to be at their best in low water conditions. In most years, the section below Monmouth is the one that adds most to the Wye’s overall salmon catch. In addition, the Ross to Monmouth section the river offers more first class coarse fishing opportunities.

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(Maps supplied with the kind permission of John Symonds)

Caradoc to Kerne Bridge

Kerne Bridge to Monmouth Bridge

Monmouth Bridge to Estuary

Upper Wye

Middle Wye

Lower Wye

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